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the imperial house of the Snake King, and carried the title Kaloomte’, which translates to "Supreme Warrior." "The significance of this woman’s powerful role as a ‘Kaloomte,’ a title rarely associated with Maya women, provides tremendous insight on the nexus of gender and power in Classic Maya politics," Olivia Navarro Farr, assistant professor of sociology and anthropology at The College of Wooster and co director of the expedition, said. The discovery of the tomb of the seventh century Maya queen occurred while Navarro Farr investigated
NHL jerseys "ritually potent" features at El Per Waka’, such as shrines, altars, and dedicatory offerings. buried earlier version and it was below this earlier shrine that the royal tomb was found," Freidel and Navarro Farr said. It soon became clear to the archaeologists why the structure received so much ritual attention throughout its final occupation. ANALYSIS: Mayan Calendar Discovery Confirms 2012 ‘End Date’ "The golden age of the city, and the

and ends up either in a physical confrontation or an arrest for an obstruction charge or both. Monday near Franklin High, where staff and the school district central office had requested increased police monitoring because they were concerned about the number of students jaywalking. According to police, Walsh, working in a patrol car, saw several people jaywalking on Martin Luther King
Cheap jerseys china Jr. Way South, just south of Rainier Avenue South, despite a nearby pedestrian overpass. Walsh tried to stop a group of females when one woman, later identified as Levias, began walking away, according to an incident report. Walsh told Levias she must identify herself so he could issue her a citation or she would face arrest for obstruction, the report said. Levias continued to walk away, prompting Walsh to grab her upper arm with his right hand, the report said. At that point, Levias said something like the [expletive] off me, tensed her body and began to resist, the report said. Walsh placed her upper body on the hood of his patrol

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