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not as loud as an actual train horn, it does the job. 3. The total cost of the project varies. If you happen to already own all of the materials, it will cost nothing. If you own none of the materials, it could cost over $200 to construct. 4. It takes about 30 minutes to construct. 5. This is an extremely fun way to scare/prank innocent pedestrians, although it should be used respectively. Blowing it near traffic is NOT a good idea!But I’m afraid I’m gonna have to jump on the safety bandwagon here, but I’ll jump off pretty quick. You say the tank is old. When compressed air is
NHL jerseys cooled, the humidity in the air condenses and pools up in the bottom of the tank. The tank is probably fairly rusty on the inside, especially
Wholesale jerseys where it’s welded together. Assuming the tank is about 8" diameter, you have roughly 50 square inches in the welded on ends of the tank. Assuming a modest 100 PSI (you didn’t say what pressure you fill it to, or I missed that part), that’s 5000 pounds pressing against it. IF the weld were to break

these technologies to lead. They don know how to lead in life, let alone in these channels. It’s putting that confidence back in the hands of these leaders to say, "You know what you want to accomplish." What you need to get from these people is, is the story I want to tell. What the best way to tell that story? This is the outcome I want. What are the right channels and tools and language that I have to use to develop that in these channels? Because of Twitter and Facebook, a lot of these technologies are really facilitating quick communication: A leader has to respond almost immediately, or they can if they want to. I wonder if that makes people a bit gun shy because they just don have the time to think or process like we did 10, 15, 20 years ago. When leaders are called on to immediately read an audience that they may never see or even meet, how do they do that and still be authentic? How do they strike that balance between being authentic but being appropriate? Li: Well, let talk about authenticity

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